Press Release - UBI Action Network launches new video campaign targeted to Trump, #MyCOVIDStory

Wednesday May 27, 2020

For Immediate Release

President Trump Must Act.  Watch Our New Video About Our Twitter Campaign.

WASHINGTON, DC, May 27, 2020 – UBI Action Network, an advocacy non-profit, has launched an online video campaign to convince President Donald Trump to endorse additional monthly cash payments as part of the next congressional stimulus package.

The group is asking Americans to record a 30-60 second video talking about how the COVID-19 pandemic has personally impacted their families and what $2,000 per month would mean to them as their families struggle through the economic fallout from the pandemic.  People are then encouraged to post their video to Twitter with #MyCOVIDStory and to tag the President (@realDonaldTrump).

Mat Young, the group’s President and CEO, said that he hopes that hearing the real stories of everyday Americans will move Trump to act.  

“People are getting desperate,” Young said.  “Too many small businesses are on the edge of financial ruin and millions of people are struggling to pay the rent or their mortgage.  Some families aren’t even sure how they’ll afford next week’s groceries.”

The economy has nose-dived with numbers not seen since the Great Depression.  In April, 20.5 million jobs were lost with the reported unemployment rate skyrocketing to 14.7%.  A decade of job creation has vanished in under two months and a number of economists are concerned that the recovery will be slow, with many of the jobs lost permanently.

On May 15th, the U.S. House of Representatives passed another economic relief package which includes an additional one-time payment of $1,200.  Young said the House proposal was a good start, but much more is needed.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has strongly criticized the House package and not agreed to any additional cash payments.  Meanwhile, the White House, while not endorsing the proposal, has also not shut the door on more direct payments.

There is currently a Senate bill introduced by Senators Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and Ed Markey, which would accomplish the group’s goal.  Several lawmakers in the House also have proposed similar legislation, but none made it into the recently passed House relief bill.

Many political analysts believe another package of some sort is likely in the near future, but what it contains will still have to be negotiated between the House, Senate, and White House.

Young said he is optimistic that, when the President hears firsthand the fear, anxiety, and struggles of the American people, he will understand the urgency of direct stimulus payments.  He added, “This pandemic has knocked down the American people.  They need a hand up to get back on their feet and on the road to recovery.”

About UBI Action Network

UBI Action Network is a new 501(c)(4) non-profit organization.  We are dedicated to passing legislation to make Universal Basic Income (UBI) available to every American.  To achieve our goals, the organization will promote educational and media campaigns about UBI, advocate for legislation in Washington, and support grassroots initiatives at the state-level. In fulfilling our vision, we are committed to building the broadest and most diverse coalition of allies possible and to educating the public and policymakers about how UBI strengthens our families, our economy, and our country.

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