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UBI will help to solve some of our country's most challenging problems


UBI is a National Security Issue.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that we need a new economic infrastructure in place to be able to get money directly to people who need it most in an emergency.  The recent Economic Stimulus payments were difficult to administer effectively and slow to get to many of the people most in need.  Many are still waiting for their checks.


With UBI, the government would have a universal payment system in place to make special emergency payments directly to the American people at any time.  Whether it’s relief for a pandemic, a hurricane, an act of terrorism, or a systemic economic crisis, we can make sure our nation is prepared to assist our citizens under all possible scenarios.



UBI is an Investment in the Middle Class.


Recent surveys show that most people don’t have the resources to handle a $500 emergency.  Budgets are tight. Wages have been stagnating for some time.  


Many working families struggle to pay their bills, including managing their families’ (unpaid) child care and elderly care responsibilities.  

Monthly UBI payments would act as a cushion to individuals and families to help them manage their day-to-day lives as well as times of unexpected economic volatility.



UBI is a Way to Anticipate the Future.


​Artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, robots, and other advanced technologies present growing risks to our workforce. And it is not just service sector jobs.  Many professional services related to accounting, medicine, pharmacy, law, architecture, and other fields are being automated, meaning fewer people are needed to do the same jobs.  


We are at risk of large scale displacement of our workers in the coming decades and the economy likely will not be able to generate new jobs quickly enough to replace those lost to automation.  UBI will help our displaced workers as we navigate a newly emerging economy.


UBI is a Lifeline to the Most

Vulnerable in Our Society.


In a country as great as ours, nobody should go hungry, lack shelter, or be unable to obtain the basic resources of life. However, over 1 in 9 Americans still live in poverty.  


A guaranteed basic income would provide an essential safety net.  It won’t eliminate these challenges overnight, but it will create a floor to pay for food, support transitions off the streets, and give the poor “breathing room” to get back on their feet.


UBI is an Investment in Our Nation's Youth.


Providing basic income is one of the most powerful means we have to help improve the lives of America’s kids.  Poverty impedes kids’ ability to learn, leads to poorer health, causes absenteeism at school, and has long term emotional and physical impacts on kids’ development.


The American Family Act, which we are supporting, would slash child poverty by one-third almost immediately.   However, UBI for kids, or more accurately, a Universal Basic Benefit (UBB) is not only about ending childhood poverty.  The middle class also benefits from monthly additional resources to invest in the raising of each of their children.


UBI is a First Step in Addressing the Rising Inequality in Our Society.

The middle and working class is shrinking as upper income households see their share of the nation’s wealth continue to grow. This is not a sustainable path for our country and, if we do nothing, it will only get worse.  We should not allow the wealthy to get richer and richer while the rest of us fall behind.


If we truly want to save the American Dream, it is a moral imperative that we tackle this issue head on.  One of the first ways to do that is to establish an economic floor for everyone.


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